We are a high end jewelry Co. in New York and, the proud creators of the re-attachable Crown. We specialize in custom pieces, Kashmir Sapphires, Burma Rubies, Colombian Emeralds, Fancy Colored Diamonds, Golconda Type 2A White Diamonds over 5 carats, and several other top quality stones from around the world. Bringing a unique jewelry perspective to clients and pushing the limits of traditional jewelry with the rarest and finest of gemstones to fit our customers' needs. Every piece is hand designed and handmade. We deal in the highest high end luxury jewelry this planet has to offer.

ROCK'D is also a stylish, innovative way to show one’s dedication to what they rep, on their crown(hat).

Designs are created out of silver, gold, or platinum. The design is then hand set with diamonds (many colors/sizes are available) and, is then attached to a New Era cap OR hat of choice using the P.I.N. System, Patent Pending. This method secures the logo to the crown with screws manufactured specifically for ROCK’D designs. The main purpose this serves is to insure the security of the emblem. This system also allows it to be detached, and or RE-ATTACHED TO ANY hat the customer owns. For safe wear, comfort, and years of enjoyment.

Inspired and designed after purchasing several black on black New York Yankees hats, Philip Namdar was tired of the same old embroidered designs, and saw an opportunity to improve upon them. After some brainstorming, he sought out to change the hat game forever by individually placing 256 black diamonds varying in size onto a hat in lieu of the stitched logo (equaling roughly 8 carats). 

Hats will never be the same again!

Any logo, team name, or graphic CAN be designed and fitted to look fantastic as a ROCK’D hat.

If you have an 'out of the box,' idea for a crown design, ROCK'D appreciates, and pursues all forms of inspiration in order to create new, innovative styles.  


Each item is made to order, and takes approximately two (2) weeks to make, with up to one (1) month additional time for design placement.

*The amount of diamonds, metal, color of diamonds and type of metal, vary depending on logo and request.

**NO SPORTS TEAMS FROM MASSACHUSETTS OR NEW ENGLAND (including colleges and universities)!